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Well-substantiated advice is no luxury when it comes to a child’s education. Especially not when the child and its family leave their familiar environment to embark on a horizon-broadening experience abroad. Edufax provides a tailor-made educational solution for every child that moves to a different country.

We start by listening, weighing the child’s interests against the needs of its parents, their employer(s), and the school. As we see the world of education through innovative glasses, we spot the most suitable opportunities and unearth well-hidden risks. Based on our insights, we provide independent, genuine advice to our stakeholders. The result: a suitable solution for every child.

Three sub-brands, one Edufax

Different sub-brands

To foster our strengths and ensure a smooth, well-organized process, we work from different sub-brands. Click on the respective buttons to find out more about each!
  • Global Advice

    There’s a suitable educational solution for every child – anytime, anywhere. That’s what we believe. Our Global Advice Department supports internationally mobile families, providing them with appropriate advice on suitable schools for their children. We tailor our approach to the demands of our client (most often, the employer), developing our services accordingly.

    Global Advice

  • Innovation Center

    Knowledge is the key to success. This belief is not only reflected in our educational advice, but also in the Innovation Center. The beating heart of our organization, it is the place where we’ve stored 27 years of accumulated knowledge. The goal: to develop new, innovative educational solutions and services.

    Innovation Center

  • Educational Solutions

    Borders shouldn’t stop children from learning a language. That’s why our Educational Solutions Department creates products which help children learn, whether they relocate to the closest or farthest corners of the world. Examples include our summer school, pre-departure language courses, and remedial teaching.

    Educational Solutions

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