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While it can be difficult for our stakeholders to see the forest for the trees, we know the educational woods by heart. Using our experience, creativity, and flexibility, we spot insights and opportunities where there seem to be none.

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‘Out-of-the-box thinking’ is not some generic hype term to us. It’s incorporated into our company DNA and embodied by our Innovation Center. Exchanging knowledge with partners and corporate clients is an ingrained habit: time and again, we challenge them to go off the beaten track and explore other, more innovative opportunities. Together, we are stronger in our ability to develop new ideas and educational solutions.

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Knowledge is the key to success. This belief is not only reflected in our educational advice, but also in the Innovation Center. The beating heart of our organization, it is the place where we’ve stored 29 years of accumulated knowledge. The goal: to develop new, innovative educational solutions and services.

In all our endeavors, one principle is key: the child’s interest is more important than our own. This results in independent research and genuine advice on education. We won’t rest until we create a solution that fits like a glove, innovative and unconventional as it may be. Considering all stakeholders’ needs as well as the available budget, we use the knowledge and technology developed at our Innovation Center to ensure a child’s learning process isn’t thwarted by borders, language issues, or other aspects of an international relocation.

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The companies we work with:

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