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Today’s children are tomorrow’s world citizens. To prepare them for an adult life in this ever-globalizing society, we like to contribute to their education in a meaningful way. Families, employers, and schools have relied on our advice since 1992. Will you join them?

A-to-Z support on the relocation process: how do we go about it?


When relocating across borders, families encounter a new, pressing need: they require support and advice on their children’s education. Every situation is unique and requires a tailored solution that takes all parties into account: the family, the employer, and the school. But what about the most important individual of all: the child?

At Edufax, we put the child’s needs first. Using our extensive expertise and a great dose of creativity, we provide tailored advice and create innovative educational solutions. We roll up our sleeves and don’t back out when things get a tad unconventional. Approaching the world of education from every angle, we consider the impact of educational history and current situational factors. The result: A-to-Z support on the international relocation process so children are sure to receive the best education before, during, and after leaving their home country.

Stepping outside the box

Serving the child’s interest: stepping outside the box together


While it can be difficult for our stakeholders to see the forest for the trees, we know the educational woods by heart. Using our experience, creativity, and flexibility, we spot insights and opportunities where there seem to be none. ‘Out-of-the-box thinking’ is not some generic hype term to us. It’s incorporated into our company DNA and embodied by our Innovation Center. Exchanging knowledge with partners and corporate clients is an ingrained habit: time and again, we challenge them to go off the beaten track and explore other, more innovative opportunities. Together, we are stronger in our ability to develop new ideas and educational solutions.

All these efforts stem from our first-and-foremost philosophy: the child’s interests are always more important than our own. With that in mind, we never fail to provide genuine, transparent, well-substantiated educational advice that benefits the child.

Incidentally, the Innovation Center is one of our three sub-brands. Curious to know what each of them does? Read more about what we do.

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