The more, the merrier: BISIS transfers their business to Edufax.

As per the 1st of July 2020, BISIS announced that their doors would close for good. After approximately 30 years, the founder and director, Gerry Heiligers, has entered into retirement. Upon making this decision, Gerry sought a solution for BISIS clients, families, and her team: high quality and continuous service needed to be guaranteed. For that reason, BISIS has transferred to Edufax.


BISIS: History in a nutshell

In the early seventies, BISIS was established within Philips Eindhoven as the Bureau Begeleiding Buitenlanders, the first point of contact for expatriates and inpatriates for any concerns they had related to the education of their children and cultural guidance for their families.

Approximately 20 years later, the name Bureau Begeleiding Buitenlanders changed in to BISIS (Bureau for Information and Support International Staff). Companies outside of Philips increasingly appealed to the expertise that BISIS had. This resulted in a new step for BISIS on the 1st of January 1998: BISIS Consultancy became an independent company. Their goal: to provide educational advice to families moving abroad or returning to the Netherlands.

Not long after their start, a group of non-Dutch families began requesting advice and support for their children learning Dutch as a second language. Simultaneously, BISIS was engaged with companies that financed international schools in the Netherlands for the children of their inpatriates and local foreign nationals. For these families, BISIS offered tailored educational advice. They also provided a new social network for newly arrived families – from housing to clubs.

Edufax takes over the baton: “We are coming full circle”

For many years, BISIS and Edufax were competitors and partners, pushing one another to develop. Both companies offered unique services in a niche market. Moreover, they both found their origin in the same company: Philips. “We are coming full circle,” Karlijn Jacobs, CEO of Edufax, explains. “Through all of these years, we have shared the same philosophy, wanting to help and support families and employers as much as possible. That we may now continue all that BISIS has built is an honour for us.”

Given the developments that Edufax has been through in the last couple of years, this step fits perfectly. “We have always offered a high degree of customization and recently, we have also invested a lot into our company structure”, says Karlijn. “I am convinced that we can integrate BISIS’s model perfectly, and when needed we can provide BISIS’ former clients the same opportunity as we have given our clients: to offer equal services to families of all nationalities worldwide. Particularly because Esther van Rooij, whom used to be the centre of BISIS, has now joined our team.”

Smooth transition: “Families and clients can count on us”

How does Karlijn view this transformation? “In my opinion, Gerry is an authority in the field of Educational Mobility. Transferring her legacy, ideas, and work to Edufax is the biggest compliment she could give us. And of course, the clients and families from BISIS can count on us. We are fully committed to meeting their expectations from Edufax! “