MyEdufax Portal

An all-encompassing portal, providing essential information to families and companies alike: that’s in a nutshell. After logging onto the portal, users can view personalized information tailored to their specific situation – from country and city facts to descriptions of (international) schools. It’s transparent and clear, and it provides a much-needed overview to those who need to organize a million things in the context of an upcoming cross-border relocation.

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One digital portal with access to everything you need.


Backed by our professional knowledge and long-term experience, Edufax discerns reliable and high quality educational information from the world wide web.

One digital portal with access to everything you need.

The MyEdufax Portal also gives access to the following data (relevant to the new location and multiple combinations are possible):

  • General information about education in the host-location (country and city-level).
  • A selected list of qualified international schools (public school districts for U.S locations).
  • A provider network regarding language programs and counselling services for expat kids (e.g. mother tongue maintenance courses, tutoring support, etc.).

The MyEdufax portal puts it all at your fingertips in one trustworthy place.

  • A worldwide quality provider network
  • General educational information per the family’s location
  • General school information per location
  • GDPR compliant
  • Applicable prior to departure, during, and after the assignment
  • Accessible 24/7

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