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Our well-versed experts work incessantly to devise innovative, child-specific educational solutions and services. Read more about our latest innovations!

Staying ahead of the curve

An international relocation is a major event in a family’s life. A common prerequisite of parents is that their children should seamlessly continue their education across borders. But child-specific educational solutions don’t grow on trees: creating them requires a wealth of knowledge, expertise, research, and creativity. At our Innovation Center, these aspects come together. Here, our well-versed experts work incessantly to devise cutting-edge educational solutions and services. Read about our latest innovations below!

An all-encompassing portal, providing essential information to families and companies alike: that’s in a nutshell. After logging onto the portal, users can view personalized information tailored to their specific situation – from country and city facts to descriptions of (international) schools. It’s transparent and clear, and it provides a much-needed overview to those who need to organize a million things in the context of an upcoming cross-border relocation.

A brand-new digital language method at elementary education level, Taalbos allows children with a basic knowledge of Dutch to practice with all aspects of the Dutch language. Over 1,000 exercises are spread over ten different levels, focusing on spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Exercises contain game elements so as to boost children’s motivation, and teachers can view a child’s results per learning objective. Audio-visual support on content and explanations breathes even more life into the digital platform. Furthermore, flexibility is key: students can work independently, either at school or from the comfort of their own home.

Knowing is half the battle 

The glue that holds all efforts together


The above innovations are only two of many results arising from our experts’ efforts. At the Innovation Center, our educational developers, designers, and programmers develop new teaching materials on a daily basis. In the meantime, our online distance-learning teachers help children across the globe learn (new) languages using our Educational Solutions, and our Global Advice Department provides families and companies worldwide with A-to-Z support on the educational part of international relocations. Because at Edufax, we create all-encompassing educational solutions.

The glue that holds all these efforts together is knowledge: at the Innovation Center, we accumulate, foster, and expand it. Why? Because knowing is half the battle. It is our gateway to ensuring that every child gets the educational solution which best suits its needs, regardless of geographical factors.

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