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Internationally mobile children are tomorrow’s global citizens. We like to contribute to their education in a significant way, so they’ll be prepared for an adult life in our ever-globalizing world. Our Global Advice Department has supported families and their employers since 1992. Time to step beyond borders? Our educational mobility experts are happy to step in. We’ll go the distance with you.

‘Impossible:’ not in our dictionary


Think the educational solution you’re looking for is impossible to find? To us, nothing is. We make the seemingly unfeasible work, approaching the realm of education from every angle. Our advice is genuine, independent, and substantiated, and we provide A-to-Z support on the international relocation process. With our educational mobility experts by your side, you’ll never feel that you’re in it alone.

Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive and develop to its full potential. That’s what we believe. Therefore, we always put the child’s needs first. Operating within the limitations of a family’s or employer’s specific situation, we let our creative juices flow to come up with out-of-the-box, tailored educational solutions. Before, during, and after the international relocation.

Innovative educational solutions

What to expect: from listening ear to hands-on approach


Whether relocating as an expat or based on an open-ended contract, Edufax offers an educational support package that suits the family’s situation. Our packages include support from the moment the services are initiated up to one year after the international relocation. What to expect from the process?

Our educational mobility experts always start by listening. When embarking on a journey towards the best educational solution for a family’s child, they first unearth the needs of all parties involved: the parents, the employer, the school, and – above all – the child. Then, they roll up their sleeves and get to work, identifying opportunities and recognizing potential risks. Adopting a flexible approach, they gain new insights and spot well-hidden options. Drawing on their many years of experience and the ever-growing knowledge accumulated in our Innovation Center, they combine all their findings to devise the desired result: a tailored educational solution that fits the situation and meets the child’s needs.

Our educational mobility experts always start by listening

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