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Every child deserves a tailored educational solution that fits like a glove, and no two children are the same. But discerning the best options across borders is no easy task. Our experts relief internationally mobile families from potential stress, providing them with top-notch advice on suitable schools for their children. What’s their approach?

Getting creative: not the shortest, but the best route

Often, an international relocation requires an innovative educational solution tailored to a child’s specific needs. Several factors play a crucial role in devising a perfect future scenario – from the impact of the child’s educational history to current situational factors. The shortest route is not always the best route, and inventiveness and flexibility can be prerequisites for creating a suitable educational solution. A little creativity goes a long way. The question is, how do you unearth all opportunities (even the well-hidden ones) and select the option that best fits the situation? Enter our well-versed experts, who aren’t afraid to put their creative hats on.

How we make the difference for every child


When working with families and their employers, we uphold certain values. Central to our approach is that we feel co-responsible for the educational wellbeing and development of the internationally mobile child, and our experts join forces to achieve optimal results. Our belief in the importance of education also means we’ve embarked on an ongoing learning process: through our Innovation Center, we continue to gain and share knowledge and skills, so we’ll never cease to grow and develop. As a result, we spot opportunities where there seem to be none.

Our educational mobility specialists are go-getters who think outside the box. Their goal: to make the difference for every child. Ever genuine and straightforward, they provide tailored, independent advice and create solutions that help children flourish – time and again. Our exact approach differs per client: we tailor it to their needs and develop our services accordingly. Why? Because each situation is unique and deserves its own, tailor-made educational solution!

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