Suitable educational solutions for every child

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We don’t believe in boundaries

Internationally mobile families need to deal with a plethora of changes. One aspect usually stands out: the children’s education. But navigating unexplored waters is difficult. How should families go about it when they lack local knowledge and can’t see the educational forest for the trees?

Suitable educational solutions for every child

‘To go or not to go:’ testing the waters before crossing oceans


The good news is, there is a suitable educational solution for every child – anytime, anywhere. But finding it is no cinch. Parents who are faced with the choice of moving to a different country for work purposes often worry about their children’s education. In fact, it’s a critical factor in deciding whether or not to embark on a cross-border journey in the first place. After all, children should be given ample room to develop and grow to their full potential.

When a child moves to a different country, it gets complicated: how about curricular differences resulting in curricular gaps, cut-off dates and academic calendars causing delays in educational trajectories, and the potential inability of a foreign school to support a child’s individual needs?

We don’t believe in boundaries 

Go-to compass for tailored educational solutions

So, is it impossible to bridge geographical educational gaps? Not if you ask us. Driven by a desire to contribute to the development of our future world citizens, Edufax has translated its words into deeds since 1992. With the help of our Global Advice Department, every child is sure to get the educational solution it needs – before, during, and after the international relocation. We consider the requirements of employers, families, and schools, but we always put the child’s needs first.

The families we support may move across the globe, but we don’t believe in boundaries. Our educational mobility experts do whatever it takes to support families and their employers, taking their options and limitations into account. When working with them, we don’t shun out-of-the-box thinking and a creative approach. Also, we provide ever-genuine, independent advice that’s in the child’s best interest. The result: no education-related stress or unexpected costs, and a suitable educational solution for every child.

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