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Language Courses

A language course before departure prepares your child for a new school language: they will be able to introduce themselves, ask simple questions in the classroom, and understand terminology specific to a school setting. 

Learning a new language fluently takes time. Being immersed in the new language will accelerate this process, especially for children. A pre-departure language course serves to ease the first steps in the new class room. It will give your child confidence when he or she is familiar with the sounds of a language and knows how to ask some basic questions.

Getting acquainted with the new language will make your child more confident!

If you live in the Netherlands, Edufax can organize these language courses at your child's school or at your house. Courses are available for English as well as other languages. Teacher and parents will set up a suitable schedule for 15 or 30 hours (depending on goal and situation).

If you live in another country, Edufax can advise you about pre-departure language training options.