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Keeping up Mother Tongue/ NTC-online

In some families many languages are at play; Edufax's consultants can help determine which language(s) must be prioritized (in light of contract home country, passport home country, future hist locations, etcetara).

Keeping up the mother tongue is essential for all children abroad, regardless the length of the stay abroad. Formal mother tongue language maintenance will keep options open for a relatively smooth return to local education in the home country. Furthermore, a good proficiency in the mother tongue allows children to  learn a new language more easily and cognitive benefits are expected overall.

In some cases international schools will facilitate mother tongue education or a tutor might be available at your host location. If not, distance eduction may be an option.

Keeping up the children's mother tongue will keep options open!

If Dutch is the mother tongue, Edufax can offer NTC-online, an online distance education program for children aged 3 to 19. The Dutch Ministry of Education recognizes and monitors the quality of NTC-online. Qualified teachers support the students in NTC-online, educational developers create a tailor made curriculum, and the SEN department takes care of the correct placement and support for every child.