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Educational Consultancy

"What does moving abroad mean for my child's educational career?" is a question you probably asked yourself when you were informed about a possible move. There is no standard answer to this question because every situation is different. A school that is perfect for one child may be a bad choice for another. As a parent you can judge the school's atmosphere, but you may not be equipped to assess the educational consequences of, for example, the curriculum offered.

Edufax can help you decide which school is the best fit for your child, based on your child's current school situation, the educational possibilities in the hist location, and your future plans. Our educational consultants have a deep understanding of the educational and socio-emotional issues related to international school transitions. With our recommendations, plans can be made that will have the least possible negative impact on your child's educational career.

Professional educational advice helps you make the right choices for your child.

Our educational consultants support you at every moment of your expatriation. Initially we carry out an "Educational Mobility Check" in which we look at all relevant aspects of the move. If necessary, this check is followed by a comprehensive educational consultation. 

Our consultants' expertise and global network will benefit you during the entire trajectory of your expatriation by helping you make the right choices for your child!

In our customer satisfaction survey we scored 4.33 (out of 5) for recommending the Edufax' educational consultation!