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Choosing Edufax is choosing quality!

A well-run system is the solid basis for the Edufax' way of working, anchored in a set of fixed procedures to minimalize mistakes. While our goal is to avoid problems, should something go wrong, please contact our "Klachtencoördinator" to file your complaint.

Due to our high level of organization and quality, Edufax has the ISO-9001 qualification since 2008.

The Dutch Educational Inspectorate ("Onderwijsinspectie") supervises the quality of education in the Netherlands on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Education. Every four years the Edufax distance education is surveyed. Edufax was most recently surveyed in November 2015. For primary education Edufax scored the maximum of 4 out of 4 on more than 60% of the inspected areas, leading to an average score  of 3.62 out of 4. For secondary education Edufax scored the maximum of 4 out of 4 on almost 70% of the inspected areas with an average score of 3.68 out of 4!

Excellent scores on customer surveys and external accreditations is proof of Edufax' top quality!

As much as we appreciate the excellent results from external surveys of Edufax, we, above all, treasure the results of our customer surveys. We are very proud of our high customer satisfaction. In 2015 educational consultations were valued with an average 4.26 score out of 5. Our individualized student evaluation service (educational testing) was valued with an average score of 4.32 and our language courses with 4.27!

The most recent yearly survey for distance education (school year 2015-2016) also showed high customer satisfaction: on average, 8 out of 10 customers would most certainly recommend Edufax to others. Another result to be proud of!