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We make sure every student receives appropriate support via NTC-online

Hanneke Tijssen (SEN specialist Elementary School), Yvonne van den Burg (SEN specialist Secondary School) and Wilma Jonkers (Supervisor SEN Team) are our Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team. They take care of the admissions process, discuss students who are performing differently than expected, and monitor the development of students in our SEN programs. Furthermore they compose the appropriate curriculum for our SEN programs together with our curriculum developers.


Appropriate support in an appropriate curriculum, that is how a student makes progress!

We truly believe that maximum progress can only be achieved if curriculum and support are fully adapted to a child's specific learning needs. It is very satisfying to see that children, after a year of hard work, are able to return to the regular online curriculum or to a school in the Netherlands with Dutch as language of instruction!

Our strict admissions policy in combination with the different curricula we offer, makes it possible to accept almost any student in NTC-online.