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We teach the children enrolled in NTC-online

Colinda van de Ven, Nanoek Pas, Doreen Haanen, Susanne Muller (not pictured), Hanneke Tijssen, Wilma Jonkers (not pictured) and Joke Vlassak are our teachers in Elementary School. Leanne Vroomen, Heidi van Dulmen, Jeanne Schriks, Yvonne van den Burg, and Marthe Roosen guide our students in Secondary School.

Angelique Zegers (not pictured) provides the teachers with administrative assistance, and Silvie Lambrechts supervises the entire team. Due to Silvie's additional role as Development supervisor, there is cohesion between the developers and the teachers.

Even though our students are all over the world, they feel very close!

By working together as a team, we offer optimal support to our students. Within the framework that has been set up at Edufax, every teacher is able to give a personal touch, even from a distance. Our way of working guarantees overall quality in combination with a personal approach.