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We develop curriculum for our distance education program

Anne van Buul, Sandra van Deurzen, and Saskia Koolschijn are Edufax's curriculum developers. They develop the instruction and the exercises used in NTC-online.

Karen Groenen, Erik Mooi and Frank Somers are responsible for the digital lay-out in NTC-online. Ingrid Keijsers and Marjo van Mierlo place the content in the right spot in the system, so NTC-online functions as it should!

Silvie Lambrecht is this department's supervisor. Thanks to Silvie, the team cabn work as an efficient and cohesive team. She also keeps up morale in the face of weekly deadlines!

We try to make our online school as fun as possible!

An online curriculum is never "finished", certainly not with the high quality standards Edufax demands. We are always looking for ways to make NTC-online better and more engaging for our students, following the latest trends in education. This is why feedback from our users (students, parents, and teachers) is essential, so please let us know if you have any remarks, questions,  or ideas for NTC-online!