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We provide customized educational advice

Gisi Cannizzaro, Kristel Bohte and Gerda Verhoef are our educational consultants. They are all qualified educational advisors with their own specialization.

Gisi was born and raised in the USA where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in German Studies, for which she spent one semester in Germany. For her European Master in Clinical Linguistics she studied in Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands. Finally Gisi acquired in Groningen (the Netherlands) her PhD in First Language Acquisition. Since 2012 this globally-orientated linguist has been an asset to our Consultancy Team, where she is our specialist for non-Dutch families and thus knows the ins and outs of many national currcicula worldwide. In addition, Gisi actively gathers and organizes information for our database about schools and about other themes related moving internationally with children.  

Kristel Bohte earned a Master in Pedagogic Sciences. Kristel then worked several years in the field of social work and youth care. In 2006 she joined Edufax to become one of our educational consultants, specialized in Dutch families and Special Educational Needs. In 2014 Kirstel started a Master's specialization in Gifted Education at Radboud University, Nijmegen. This specialization is not only useful in her role as educational consultant but also when she carries out the educational assessments.

Educational advice must be professional and tailored for each family!

Gerda Verhoef is a qualified teacher of primary education and earned a Master in Educational Sciences. Gerda worked as a teacher in several countries and as a currciulum developer for Dutch children living abroad. In 2012 Gerda started at Edufax as one of our curriculum developers for NTC-online. She still is responsible for the development of a small segment of the NTC-online curriculum. In 2014 Gerda transferred to the function educational consultant where she focuses on the needs of Dutch families. Because she is still actively involved in Dutch curriculum, she is able to make an informed comparison of the Dutch curriculum to other curricula. She is also adept at comparing different educational philosophies, for instance Montessori, Jena Plan, Dalton, and others.

This department's supervisor, Esther Diebels, also has a pedagogical background. After having supervised the NTC-online developers for several years (she was involved with NTC-online from day one), she transferred to the Consultancy and Front-Office department in 2014. Esther's role is to make sure that internal procedures are streamlined, thereby allowing the consultants to focus fully on preparing accurate advice for clients. Esther is also responsible for our latest project: Personalised Learning.