Firsthand stories: what’s it like to learn Dutch remotely?


Online distance learning helps children boost and polish their Dutch language skills. But what’s it like to learn remotely?  Children share their stories.

Firsthand stories

Online distance learning helps children boost and polish their Dutch language skills. But the innovative approach of Edufax differs significantly from the brick-and-mortar classroom they’re used to. So, how do children experience this digital, more flexible equivalent in practice? Below, you can read the first-hand stories of children that have lived it!


Tigo and Esmée lived in the United States with their parents for four years and came back to the Netherlands in the summer of 2021. Six months later, our former students are doing very well:

“Our return went well, partly thanks to Edufax and the help of the teachers. The primary school programme is exactly what the children needed. The theory is explained very briefly so that they can work on it themselves. This is not inferior to explanation in a Dutch primary school. In fact, for our children it was a nicer learning method; it was much less confusing and less tedious, so that in a very short time they were on top of the material. Of course it is not nice to have to do Dutch homework in your spare time, but if you keep up with it weekly, it is doable. It’s great that they managed to maintain their level after four years.
Esmée initially had some trouble getting used to the homework and the rehearsals, but her grades are now a lot better and she has a good grade for Dutch. Tigo’s new school was very flexible and after a while he was able to move up a grade because it suited him better. We know for sure that without the online lessons things would not have gone so smoothly. Thank you to the teachers for all the help. You kept it fun with the videos and feedback.”

Maarten got his High School and IB-diploma!

Family de Bruijn sent us a very proud message about their son who received his High School and IB-diploma with a nice grade for Dutch:

“”Thanks to the relentless and enthusiastic support of Maarten’s teacher Marthe, he has obtained his diploma with honours. She managed to keep Maarten focused with a lot of humor, kind words and motivating emails. And to teach him all the skills he needed and still needs. Our compliments to her!”

The family lived in Germany for four years and has now returned to the Netherlands. Next year Maarten is going to work, get his driver’s license and make a nice long trip to Japan, before he will start studying in the Netherlands.

Finn: “I paid a surprise visit to my teacher”


“This summer, I travelled from the United States to the Netherlands to visit my grandparents,” says Finn. “Guess who their neighbour is? My teacher, Miss Chantal! We discovered it when I was in fourth grade, and she created videos from home for Edufax. So, I decided to seize the opportunity and pay her a surprise visit. Upon opening the door, she was really amazed to see me. But we instantly recognized each other. I took a picture with her and got to meet her children. It was great talking to her in person. Fingers crossed Miss Chantal will also be my fifth-grade teacher!”

Novah and Lieve: bringing a taste of Germany to Leende


Recently, sisters Novah and Lieve traveled from Germany to the Netherlands-based Edufax office for placement research, which provided an overview of the development they’ve gone through in the past two and a half years. But that wasn’t the only reason for their in-person visit: they were also very excited to meet their distance-learning teacher, Miss Chantal, who has helped them expand their Dutch skills since they’ve lived in Germany. The girls brought her an authentic German gift, took the placement tests (both on paper and on iPads), got a ‘VIP tour’ around the office, and shot a video in our very own studio. A visit to remember!

Jens, Lotte and Tijs: three siblings meet their three teachers


After moving to the U.S. with their parents a few months ago, Jens, Lotte, and Tijs visited the Netherlands for a brief vacation. A perfect opportunity to drop by at our office and meet their NTC online teachers, Miss Wilma, Miss Sandra, and Miss Chantal, in person! Jens complained a bit about his American and Dutch homework but also said he understands the importance of his distance-learning program: when he returns to the Netherlands, he wants to go back to his old class, so he needs to keep up. While the three siblings decorated their teachers’ lockers with beautiful drawings, Lotte needed to get one thing off her chest: “Your real-life voices sound pretty different from those in the videos!”

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