Transition Care

At Edufax, we want to ensure that internationally mobile children grow up to become happy, healthy and thriving global citizens!

We want them to enjoy and forever treasure the amazing adventures they get to experience as they discover new places, learn about other cultures and connect with people from various backgrounds. However, it is important to realize that international mobility during a child’s developmental years is quite a challenge and a rollercoaster of emotions.

What is Transition Care?

Transition Care is an entry and re-entry support-program for internationally mobile families that focuses on preventive care measures.

In collaboration with TCK Training, we aim to educate, equip and empower parents and children as they prepare for and navigate through transitions and change.

Transition Care by Edufax was designed as a holistic preventive care package-program with services relevant to every stage of a relocation, namely; pre-departure, settling-in, during-stay, and repatriation. Below is a brief description of the services available through Transition Care by Edufax.

  • Access to informative and interactive preventive care resources (for parents and children).
  • Personalized preventive care consultation specific to a family’s unique situation.
  • Ongoing support and check-ins throughout a family’s expatriation and up to one year after a repatriation.
  • Debrief sessions with kids and teens (Coming soon!)

Moreover, Edufax has invested valuable time researching and connecting with specialized counsellors and therapists for cases where it is deemed necessary. This is an additional line of service which consists of connecting/referring parents to the appropriate specialized support.

  • Connecting families to trusted counselling providers available in their particular region.

For whom?

Transition Care by Edufax is for the entire family unit where parents play a central role as primary care-givers. As flight attendants always say; “put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others”. In order for parents to provide preventive care to their children, it is important that their well-being is also taken into account.  I doing so, we provide families with a safe space where their well-being is recognized as a key indicator for a positive and successful international experience.



Through preventive care we offer informative, interactive and proactive services to ensure that internationally mobile children live a fulfilling and positive cross-cultural experience.


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