Primary school distance learning in Dutch: NTC-online

Where to find primary school distance learning in Dutch? NTC-online is a flexible program that is fully tailored to your child’s needs.

Primary school distance learning in Dutch: helping children develop their potential

Where to find primary school distance learning in Dutch? If your family moves across borders, you want the children to develop their full potential, no matter how young they are. If, at some point, you decide to return to the Netherlands, they should be able to re-enter the Dutch educational system at the right level or in the right grade. But is primary school distance learning even available in Dutch? And is there an online program that is truly tailored to your child?

Foreign and Dutch primary schools: taking classes in two different languages

Children who live in the Netherlands are constantly exposed to the Dutch language. Bit by bit, they learn the words, sentence structures, and expressions – both in Dutch primary schools and beyond – they need to function in society. If your family moves abroad, your children will be mainly surrounded by another language. Will children benefit from learning to read and write in more than one language at the same time? At Edufax, we believe so, provided you recognize that every child and their educational path is unique.

Primary school distance learning in Dutch: it’s all about the child

Today’s children are tomorrow’s world citizens: that’s what we believe. Edufax has created tailor-made educational solutions since 1992. We provide advice to families who move across borders, so their children have the best possible education anywhere in the world.

One of our cutting-edge educational solutions is NTC-online, flexible distance learning in the Netherlands at primary and secondary school level. The learning program can be fully tailored to your child’s needs. That’s important to us, because we always put the child first.

If you opt for primary school distance learning in Dutch, our educational mobility consultant is happy to think along about the ideal learning path for your child. Elements that we consider include your child’s development so far, their grade or schoolyear abroad, the educational curriculum across borders, and the amount of time your family expects to stay abroad. Once we’ve determined the best path for your child, you can choose between two options: your child learns to read and write at a pace similar to the Dutch curriculum, or we take the curriculum of your child’s foreign school into account. Whether your child is in kindergarten or 6th grade (group 8), an experienced, expert teacher can provide personal guidance through Skype. After completing 6th grade (group 8), your child can move on to the first two years of secondary school (read more about distance learning secondary education and preparing for a high school diploma in the Netherlands).

Want to get started with top-notch primary school distance learning in Dutch?

Your child is in primary school, and you want them to get started with Dutch distance learning. But have you considered the bigger picture? For example, have you mapped your child’s educational goals, taking the future into account? Are you familiar with the opportunities and risks of education in your new (temporary) home country? We are happy to provide you with advice, so your child can ultimately follow the perfect learning path and develop their full potential.

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