Educational assessment

Are you moving abroad with your family? Or are you returning to the Netherlands and would you like your child to get off to a flying start at the new school? Or has your child been in school for a while, but would you and the teachers want more insight into the way of learning? Then an educational assessment at Edufax may be an option for your child.

What is an educational assessment?

During the educational assessment qualified researchers look at which learning skills are strongly developed in your child and which skills still deserve some attention. Questions that can be answered with the assessment:

  • Where does my child best fit within the Dutch education system?
  • Which educational level is best for my child?
  • How does my child learn?
  • Does my child have any curricular gaps and does he/she need support in some school subjects?

For whom?

For Dutch families returning to the Netherlands. Has your child lived abroad for a number of years or all of his/her life? Then it can be difficult to determine where in the Dutch education system your child fits best. The educational assessment can help with this. After the assessment you will receive an educational report with an answer to the research question and advice on school level and/or grade placement. You can share this report with the current or receiving school. Often an educational report is needed for a new school to be able to assign your child to the right class and to provide the right support.

Does your child sometimes have trouble with Dutch or is he/she able to express him- or herself better in English? No problem, we take this into account. Some parts of the assessment are not linguistic and instructions can also be given in English.

Families who have been back in the Netherlands for a while, or have never left, can also make use of the educational assessment. The report can help a school and your child to better understand the way of learning and the educational level that is most appropriate for them. This is useful, for example, if advice must be given for secondary education.

What does an assessment look like?

When conducting a complete educational assessment, we look at various aspects: results and reports from the current school and the results of an educational (language skills and numeracy skills) and intelligence assessment. The assessments take place at our office in Leende (Eindhoven region) where we have set up special test rooms. We understand that in some situations it is difficult to get to our office. We will then look at options for conducting the assessment remotely.

If necessary, we can do the educational tests online in advance, so that during the assessment day the focus is on the intelligence tests and any additional tests if necessary. The day often starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. at the latest. Our researcher is experienced in working with children of all ages and will welcome you and your child. During the day your child will be guided by the researcher and there will be plenty of time for breaks and relaxation. Two researchers are always involved, so that we can draw up solid advice from different perspectives.

What are the costs?

The costs of an educational assessment in 2022 are €2.100,- (excluding VAT).

This includes:

  • A full assessment day (including food and drinks)
  • Tests: Educational (Dutch language and numeracy skills) and capacities (WISC-V)
  • Feedback call (30 minutes per child)
  • Educational report (detailed explanation and analysis of research results, conclusion and advice)
  • Possibly a referral to an Edufax-consultant, a psychologist or a remedial teacher
  • Access to My Edufax portal: with information about education in the country you are moving to

Of course we are happy to think along with you about the options for customization, so that the assessments are in line with the wishes of you and your child.


Do you have any questions remaining or are you interested in an educational assessment? Please contact us by filling in this form.