High school diploma in the Netherlands: distance learning

An international relocation impacts the life of a teenager. To prepare for a Dutch high school diploma, opt for quality distance learning: NTC-online.

Netherlands distance learning: start preparing for a Dutch high school diploma in 9th grade!

Are you (temporarily) leaving the Netherlands and moving across borders, and has your child already completed the first year of secondary school? Then you’ll probably search the World Wide Web for two terms: ‘distance learning in the Netherlands’ and ‘high school diploma in the Netherlands.’

Because even though you’ll spend quite a while living and working abroad, you will likely return to the Netherlands at some point. In that case, you’ll want your child to re-enter the Dutch educational system at the right level and in the right grade – or, later, to attend senior secondary vocational education, higher professional education, or university. Considering this, it’s essential for them to take distance learning classes in the Netherlands, so their Dutch is up to par. It’s paramount that native speakers who are still developing their language proficiency continue to enrich their knowledge actively. Not only does it help them prepare for a high school diploma in the Netherlands, it also facilitates further education.

Netherlands distance learning: secondary education, no matter where you are in the world

After the first two years of secondary education, we will work towards one of two goals (depending on the expected date of return): a high school diploma in the Netherlands (preparatory secondary vocational education (vmbo), senior general secondary education (havo), or pre-university education (vwo)) or an international examination program (NT2-II/CNaVT or IB Diploma Program).

The chosen examination path directly affects any further education options. If you live in the Netherlands, your child will complete this step at school. But things change if you move across borders. Your child will attend classes in another language and be part of a different educational system. In that case, how can you avoid a learning backlog upon re-entering the Dutch educational system? Make sure your child takes top-notch distance learning classes in the Netherlands. But where to find an online program that makes geographical borders fade and that’s fully tailored to your child’s individual needs?

Obtaining a high school diploma in the Netherlands: NTC-online examination paths

Today’s children are tomorrow’s world citizens. Edufax wants to contribute significantly to their development to prepare them for building a career and a life in our ever-globalizing society. Based on this thought, we have created tailor-made educational solutions, such as NTC-online, since 1992. Through this flexible learning program, our experienced, expert teachers help your child develop their full potential. We cater for both the youngest and oldest children (read more about primary school distance learning, distance learning secondary education, or, more generally, distance learning in the Netherlands).

After the first two years of secondary education, we will determine the examination path that best suits your child. One of Edufax’s educational mobility consultants will provide advice on the most suitable level, considering the child’s learning level and pace as well as their wishes for the future. If senior secondary vocational education (mbo), higher professional education (hbo), or college-level education is the ultimate educational goal, we will work towards it. In this context, it’s also possible to accelerate or slacken the pace at which learning programs are completed.

What we’re going for is an excellent preparation for the final exams, so your child can get the most out of themselves, and their future looks bright. Prospects are good: we have high success rates, and children usually re-enter the Dutch educational system seamlessly.

High school diploma in the Netherlands: want to get started with distance learning?

Are you looking for a distance learning program in the Netherlands that focuses on your child’s needs? Would you like to get advice from an educational mobility consultant who thinks along about the perfect learning path and the bigger picture? And do you want to brainstorm the opportunities and risks of education in your new (temporary) home country?

Yes, let’s go the distance together