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To you, the child’s interest prevails over all others. You want to contribute to its development in a meaningful way. And in one way or another, you are involved in children’s international relocations – whether it is through your educational institution, municipality, or organization. Recognize yourself in this description? Then you might want to join forces with Edufax.

Do these statements apply to you?

  • You believe today’s children are tomorrow’s world citizens, and you want to help them thrive in our ever-globalizing society.
  • You aim to be a pioneer in the field of international education: the idea of translating research and knowledge into innovative educational solutions appeals to you.
  • ‘9-to-5 mentality’ is a foreign term to you: in your eyes, going the extra mile so a child receives the most suitable education is rewarding.
  • Your hands-on, creative approach helps you spot well-hidden opportunities and potential risks, and you work hard to tackle bottlenecks and achieve your goals.
  • You’re straightforward and genuine: considering the interests of all stakeholders, you ultimately reason from the child’s standpoint so it can receive the most suitable education at every stage.

Answered yes to the above? Meet Edufax!

Meet us

Our experts create innovative educational solutions for every internationally mobile child. To maintain our leading position in our field, we accumulate knowledge and conduct research on international educational support at our Innovation Center, the beating heart of our organization. Based on our findings, we develop educational solutions and services that support our clients and benefit the child – before, during, and after an international relocation. If required, we go off the beaten track to ensure a child can grow and flourish – when it comes to education, a little creativity and flexibility go a long way.

Our innovation efforts are rooted in our firm belief that sharing knowledge reinforces the strengths of all parties – not only ours, but those of our collaborative partners and clients, too. Therefore, we don’t keep our knowledge and skills to ourselves. Joining forces with schools, government institutions, and other organizations has borne fruit time and again: it allows us and them to further develop, grow, and improve.

Want to join forces with Edufax?


If you believe a collaboration with us would be valuable, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear your ideas on a potential joining of forces. Besides that, check out our current vacancies for the Educational Solutions team here.