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When children of school age embark on an international adventure with their parents, a seamless continuation of their education is paramount. But several practical matters tend to stand in the way. For example, children are often faced with a new language that’s ‘all Greek to them,’ which may impede the learning process if not handled correctly. Most parents also prefer that they keep practicing their mother tongue in one way or another. Where to find the tools and programs that can support a child’s development? Enter our innovative solutions, which are built around the specific educational needs of internationally mobile children.

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Crossing borders is no cinch. Tailored, child-specific support is much needed but difficult to find. Often, families find themselves lost in foreign educational woods, left to their own devices. Edufax has served as their mainstay since 1992. Our Educational Solutions Department offers products and services that help children develop and flourish before, during, and after an international relocation.

When working with internationally mobile families, we start by listening so we can assess the child’s educational needs. Based on our experience and insights, we go through a step-by-step plan with parents and children to determine which of our solutions best fits their situation. We consider all factors but ultimately reason from the child’s standpoint, providing genuine, independent advice and solutions geared to growth.

Innovative educational solutions

The child’s needs at center stage


Each of our educational solutions is developed around the specific needs of a child. As experts in the field of international educational support, we provide parents, employers, and schools with independent, genuine advice. The child’s interest is paramount to us: we want to contribute to its development in a constructive, meaningful way. Our innovative educational solutions are built to ensure fledgling world citizens receive the most suitable education. If required, we step outside the box and get creative to construct tools, programs, and teaching methods that bridge geographical gaps and make borders fade.



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