Educational solutions for children crossing borders

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Supporting children crossing borders

A cross-border relocation should never thwart a child’s education. But embarking on such an adventure poses the necessary challenges: internationally mobile families struggle to ensure the children receive the right education at every stage. Multilingualism is a common stumbling block, as is the socio-emotional impact of moving to a country a child hasn’t called ‘home’ before. Parents’ main question: How to deal with such a profound change in the most constructive, trouble-free way?

Educational solutions for children crossing borders

Facing the confusion-of-tongues issue


Families moving to a different country tend to struggle with language-related issues. The bottom line is simple: borders shouldn’t delay a child’s education. But while multilingualism can be a real asset (if handled correctly), it’s often a bottleneck – many international adventures come with a new language, which can significantly impact a child’s education. Parents want the transition to be smooth and seamless, but supporting an internationally mobile child’s learning process is easier said than done. It requires a solution based on thorough research, knowledge, and expertise. What to do?

Today’s children are tomorrow’s world citizens

Crossing borders smoothly and confidently


The Educational Solutions Department of Edufax has paved the way for uninterrupted, enriching education. Using our 27 years of experience in the educational mobility field as well as a good dose of creativity, we develop educational products with an international touch. Our tools, programs, and teaching methods help children learn before, during, and after an international relocation. From pre-departure language courses to remedial teaching: we offer a wealth of options to choose from.

Each educational solution is created with our fundamental philosophy in mind: today’s children are tomorrow’s world citizens, and we want to contribute to their growth and development in a meaningful way. At Edufax, the child’s interest always comes first. As a result, our products and services are tailored to its situation and needs. Out-of-the-box thinkers with a go-getter mindset, our experts work day in, day out to create innovative educational solutions that first and foremost benefit the child.

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