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An international relocation is quite the change, and navigating the waters of education can be a challenge for parents. A myriad of options and a lack of local knowledge make for the necessary complications. Because what’s truly in the child’s best interest?

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Edufax: educational mobility experts who put the child's needs first

Off to unexplored territory

What to do about the children’s education?

Moving abroad is no mean feat – especially not for families with children. Parents will only seize job opportunities if their (not-so-) little ones can seamlessly continue their education elsewhere. Regardless of geography or age, children deserve the opportunity to develop and grow to their full potential. The means to this end: suitable education.

It’s easier said than done. Once families decide to pack their bags and cross the borders of the place they call home, they’ve already ventured into unexplored territory. With a million things to organize for the upcoming international relocation, they shouldn’t have to rack their brains over an all-important question: ‘How do we make sure the children will get the best possible education at every stage of the process?’

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Wat services can you expect? 

Global Advice

Internationally mobile families need to deal with a seemingly endless amount of changes. One aspect usually stands out: the children’s education. But navigating unexplored waters is difficult. How should families go about it when they lack local knowledge and can’t see the educational forest for the trees?

“With the help of our Global Advice Department, every child is sure to get the educational solution it needs – before, during, and after the international relocation. We consider the requirements of employers, families, and schools, but we always put the child’s needs first.”

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Educational Solutions

Families moving to a different country tend to struggle with language-related issues. The bottom line is simple: borders shouldn’t delay a child’s education. But while multilingualism can be a real asset (if handled correctly).

Borders shouldn’t stop children from learning a language. That’s why our Educational Solutions Department creates products which help children learn, whether they relocate to the closest or farthest corners of the world. Examples include our summer school, Transition Care, pre-departure language courses, and remedial teaching.

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For your company, helping you help your expats

While it can be difficult for our stakeholders to see the forest for the trees, we know the educational woods by heart. Using our experience, creativity, and flexibility, we spot insights and opportunities where there seem to be none. ‘Out-of-the-box thinking’ is not some generic hype term to us. It’s incorporated into our company DNA and embodied by our Innovation Center. Exchanging knowledge with partners and corporate clients is an ingrained habit: time and again, we challenge them to go off the beaten track and explore other, more innovative opportunities. Together, we are stronger in our ability to develop new ideas and educational solutions.

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Since 1992

Enter Edufax: the go-to expert for innovative, tailor-made solutions

At Edufax, we believe a child’s needs come first. We like to contribute to the development and education of tomorrow’s global citizens, and we consider the world our office. The families we support go the distance across national borders. We go the distance for them. How? By ensuring children get the best possible education – before, during, and after the international relocation. Our team of well-versed experts identify tailored educational solutions for families and employers. We know our field inside out: our advice has served as the cornerstone for our stakeholders’ well-informed decisions since 1992.